Our Mission is to provide Progressive Holistic Aesthetics


We do an in depth assessment to determine fitness level and functional capability of our clients that allows us to formulate an individualized program design that will progress our clients into safely achieving fitness goals, attaining optimal posture, and increase joint mobility!


We advocate life balance and realize that fitness goals can be inhibited by a stressful and busy life. This leads to poor nutrition and lack of sleep. We realize that there are other factors that contribute to weight loss other than just working out. Our program design protocol will be tailored to compliment an individual’s outside stress factors that road block them from achieving fitness goals.


We understand that the name of the game is everyone wants to look good in a bathing suit! We also understand that fat never completely goes away, it just shrinks. For our clients that have achieved their fitness goals but have some extra skin that won’t go away, we offer something that no gym has offered before: The LIPO LASER, a non-invasive cold laser therapy that has been case studied to have an 85% reduction in adipose tissue, stretch marks, and cellulite. Studies have shown massive success in just six weeks of treatment!

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